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Business Breakfast

Business Breakfast


No platform that is dedicated to helping businesses will be complete without the organization of certain events that are geared towards helping the business to achieve this goal. We at the African Business Platform understand that, and we have made it possible for business owners to meet at certain events organized by us.

For instance, take the Business Breakfast.

In our experience, we have seen that  there are two things that business owners love to do; eat, and chat about the business  climate (as well as how to move their businesses forward).

In an aim to amalgamate these two activities, we have organized the Business Breakfast; this is a program that runs every two months, and it is a simple breakfast program where business owners can sit and discuss on various issues that they are facing. Business owners are able to unwind in a relaxing and enabling environment, and effective solutions to these business problems can easily be created out of this.

The major aim of the Business Breakfast is to help foster business collaborations and to create an environment where people are able to provide effective solutions to their business issues. In the end, solutions are fostered, and business owners are able to treat themselves too some awesome culinary delights.


However, the Business Breakfast is not the only program that we organize here at the African Business Platform. Other of our events run through the year, and we will make sure to send invites as they get closer. Please note that your attendance is voluntary; we understand how important time is to an entrepreneur, and we will not try in any way to take you away from any commitment that you have made prior to these events.

Also, note that these events are free for all premiums member of the African Business Platform

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