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Job Posting

Job Posting

Job Posting

Africa is huge. Regardless of what demographic yardstick you follow, Africa is definitely one of the biggest continents on the face of the Earth. However, with that large stature comes to a very big issue as well; unemployment.

Unemployment in Africa has continued to climb, partly due to the increase in population that has been steadily occurring in various states of the continent at the same time. A lot of people end up not getting jobs, while some might work for far less than what their qualifications command.

This is one area where we are most concerned with, and why we will like to lend a helping hand.

At the African Business Platform, we are committed to ensuring that businesses are able to join our network and grow from there. Part of that growth will require an increase in their workforce, and we have decided to meet the labor demands that companies on our network might have through the job posting service.

The job posting service will come in the form of vacancy assistance; essentially, will make job boards available where companies in need will be able to post their needs and the vacancies that they have currently. We will take note of these boards, as well as the vacancies that we see, and we will do our best to give these vacancies the publicity that they need. As jobs get filled, their vacancies are removed from the board, only to be filled by a new set of more jobs. By doing this, we are achieving two goals:

  • Providing our companies with the skilled and qualified workers that they need
  • Contributing to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Africa.

Note that the provision of our job posting service is free for all premium members of the African Business Platform


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