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Saturday 21st July 18 Business Breakfast Minutes

Saturday 21st July 18 Business Breakfast Minutes

Theme: Business Breakfast ‘’Diagnosing Business Problems

Date: 22nd July 2018

Time: 09:00am- 2:00pm

Location/venue: Kings Church, Cambridge CB1 2DG

Apologies: Mr Siyabulela Grant Skade- Founder and president of African Continental Business & Investment (ACCBI)

Agenda Item

  • Apologies
  • Review of new website platform
  • Review of membership and payment structure
  • IPT Presentation
  • Review and brain storm of case studies/ Business ideas
  • AOB

Business Opportunity: IPT presentation summary

Web based cable service with over 3,500 TV shows, movies from all over the globe, to all attendees and wider community to encourage participation and possible take up of partnership opportunities to earn up to 10% of subscription uptake in West & Southern African regions.

  1. Criteria for Internet speed – Minimum 6mbps
  2. Dedicated line Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  3. Users or bundles of over 50-200 to make it viable and cost effective

Target audience – Internet providers, Hotels etc.

Business ideas / Case studies discussed

Marketing of soap

  • Ideas around perhaps adding more color options
  • Wider range, size

Spare car rental business

(Explore options on how feasible this is)

  • Following an example of an existing set up, hopefully this will shed more light and provide an understanding on how the idea can become a reality in terms of:
  • Set up
  • Implementation
  • Operational requirements including but not limited to insurance of driver, Car, Legal & other Liabilities, t&c’s exceptions etc.

Accommodation & transport package requirements for International clientele which could include:

  • Students and business travelers to the UK/ Cambridge
  • Short, medium and long term stay
  • Executive and high-end taxi service
  • Serviced Accommodations(SA) type set up
Action items Due date Who
1 Migrate ABP members from old platform to new platform Sep




2 Create digital business cards for all members- Haystack app Sep Anita
3 Proactively following up on new users/attendees not already registered.

Raising awareness and offering encouragement to use of the full suite of members benefits and promote upcoming training courses in 2019

Jul- Dec 18 Anita/ Chris
4 Circulate Yasin’s presentation on IPT (Internet Protocol) Jul Chris
5 Utilise ‘Eventbrite’ full potential by promoting:

a)     Membership package and non-membership ones

b)     Breakfast meetings and other one off courses

c)     Training sessions (one off bookings etc.)

Sep Chris/


6 Double check the new website platform can be accessed from mobile phones apps and not just desktop devices Chris Chris
7 Chris to circulate car rental business information as discussed Jul Chris/Josie

Next meeting September 2018

Agenda to be circulated

Many Thanks to Sandra Mushili

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