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Our training course is all-inclusive and highly insightful. In order to help people and businesses to move to the next level, we will be offering courses for both our members and those who aren’t part of our organization yet.

Our courses cover the following fields:

Marketing: Marketing involves getting your business (as well as its products and services) out there. It is our belief that with our marketing course, we will be able to teach people how to effectively advertise their ventures and to take advantage of the means around them. We’ll run through aspects such as physical marketing, but we’ll also delve into using the online atmosphere to generate leads and grow your business. Our marketing course will go a long way in changing your paradigm and approach to advertising, and there is no doubt to the fact that your business will experience growth from it.

Business Development: Our business development course will run through various aspects of best business practices and help you to become an even better business owner. We will teach you to achieve the highest levels of efficiency with the management and running of your business, and you will be able to optimize your business practices from there

Project Development: With our project development course, you will be exposed to lessons that will help you to handle certain business aspects and how to achieve your aim with a certain project that you’re running.

Why apply with us?

Our lessons are insightful and practical. This means that as opposed to teaching conventions and theories that won’t work in the end, we will ensure that you are made to learn new concepts and go back to apply these concepts in order to see to the development and overall enhancement of your business.

However, we don’t stop there; we will also be offering continual support to people who have successfully gone through our course after their completion through in incubator program. For people who will like an extra edge and continue with the learning process, our incubator program will give access to personal mentors and an enabling space where they will be able to develop their plan.

The majority art of or tang session is free, and we also offer juicy discounts to people who are premium members of the African Business Platform.

Get the knowledge that is necessary to turn your business around and make it even better. Sign up for our training courses today!


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